2020 TEEP@AsiaPlus

Join our Bilingual Internship Program at Wenzao

Teach English in Kaohsiung & Learn Mandarin at Wenzao


About the Project

3-month Internship program 

Learn Chinese

The semester-based internship starts in spring (March 1st to May 31st), Summer  (June 1st ~ August 31st), and fall semester (Sep. 1st ~ Nov. 30th) in 2020.

The students will have a placement and take a leveled Chinese class (half day) and teach English as an intern in a public school in Kaohsiung.

English Teaching Training Course

A teacher training course or workshops will be offered for you to be familiar with the teaching environment.

Teaching Certificate

This opportunity would be a springboard for you if you are interested in working in public schools. With a teaching certificate awarded by Wenzao, you’ll be qualified to receive a job offer teaching in public schools in Kaohsiung in Fall, 2020 or Spring, 2021.

An interview is required.


This Project Offers

A montly stipend $8,000 for intern teachers during their stay

Free-of-charge English language teacher training courses

Free Chinese language course and cultural tours  (Value: US$1,000)

Free English-taught courses offered by Wenzao

Internship Program






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Contact US

Contact person: Prof. Chiu-hui Wu

Tel: +886-7-3426031 ext. 6001-2

Email: wzceis@gmail.com

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